We help you create astonishing photo and video footage, turning any kind of project into incredible stories, providing you the top notch when it comes to photo and video producing!

We produce our videos and photos in such a way that YOU feel that you are part of it – we strive for that.

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Filipe Moreira – Director of Photography and Photographer

Since early in life, Filipe is passionate for photography and breathtaking video productions. Always focused on the smallest detail and also in continuous pursuit for clean and blasting results, nowadays he focuses his efforts on producing inspiring footage for great companies, brilliant people and valuable projects. He commonly goes way further on his productions to make sure that a huge value will be added to his clients and brands.

He is also the host of the Brazilian YouTube channel Cidadão do Mundo, sharing online video content to over 40k subscribers summing up more than 3 million views to date.

Some outstanding productions can be seen when he is in charge of a drone controller, a DSLR or even an iPhone. Every moment can become unforgettable, and he knows that.

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